Our Programmes

Our Programmes

Not all heroes are built the same or at the same stage of their journey to being legendary. So to reflect this fact, we have made sure we’ve got specific programmes to suit your needs and your alter-ego.

Here’s What Our Hero-Making  Packages Always Include

The Training

All of the training sessions you’ll do with your Hero Maker (your trainer/coach) will take place at our private training studio in Flamingo Park, Chislehurst, Kent.

Depending on your investment and commitment level, as well as working with your Hero Maker, you may have a few extra bits of training or activity to take care of on your own but everything will be pre-written for you so you don’t have to think about anything.

We are constantly learning and evolving (and mutating) so we make sure that the exercise programmes get you maximum results for your blood, sweat and (maybe) tears.


All heroes need fuel, but every hero is unique.

All of our packages include an entirely individual plan, tailored to you, your goals and your lifestyle.

This is probably the most challenging part of any hero’s transformation but it is the most important. You will get to learn about nutrition and understand how to sustainably get yourself dramatic results.

As certified sports nutritionists we are well placed to make sure you have the right plan, the right knowledge and the right support to eat well, enjoy your food, eat to your goals and eat sustainably!

Accountability And Support

There are 168 hours in a week. Let’s say you set aside 5 or 6 hours a week in total for your exercise and training – less than 4% of your week.

Unsurprisingly, what you do in the other 96% of your week has a huge impact on you being able to get to your goals.

All heroes need a sidekick (or a mentor) and we are here to get you through your programme and help you get the most out of it, keep you focussed, disciplined, motivated and on track. And we’re on hand to make sure we get you past any obstacles, roadblocks or slip ups you might encounter.

If you get stuck, have any problems, or stumble, we’re here to help work out why and get you past it.

You’re never on your own.

Choose Your Path Wisely From Here. After All With Great Goals Comes Great Responsibility